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Master-Grasmischung “Almwiese”

2.5 to 6 mm

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My goodness, are we in the Alps?

The Master Grass Blend “Alpine Meadow” is ideal for recreating real-life Alpine meadows. The farmer lives with his animals on the Alpine pastures high up on the mountain, far away from everyday life. Alpine animals like cows, sheep and goats live in the great outdoors and graze on the lush Alpine meadow every day. What great scenes. They can be elaborated and realistically recreated like never before with the Master Grass Blend “Alpine Meadow”. You can hardly tell the difference between this model and the real thing! This should not be missing from any model landscape.

This composition of different grasses and flock materials was put together for use with the Gras-Master. In combination with the specially developed NOCH Grass Glue, you achieve a very natural meadow on the model landscape.

Note: for a 1 m² grassed area, approx. 250 g of Master Grass Blend and approx. 500 g of Grass Glue will be required.

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    Designing a perfect meadow
    NOCH Grass Fibres of all lengths can be electrostatically charged with the NOCH Gras-Master. In conjunction with NOCH Grass Glue, the fibres can be vertically applied to the ground in this way.

    How to create realistic meadows and pastures

    • For sparse grass (e.g. on the edge of a forest or on grazed cow pastures), mix the desired flora colours with the Field or Wild Grass or the Master Grass Blends and apply the mixture with the Gras-Master.
    • If you want dense grass (e.g. a meadow shortly before it’s cut), first add grass to the area with Field or Wild Grass or the Master Grass Blends. Then scatter the desired flora products on and work them in with your finger.
    • How to create dandelion, rapeseed or poppy fields: first, add grass to the area with Field Grass, Wild Grass or the Master Grass Blends. Then spray a touch of Spray Glue “Haftfix” on the tips of the grass and lightly sprinkle the desired colour of flower blossoms on.

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